Early Animation Companies and the Development of Animation

Frame from Whiteboard Animation on Development of Animation

The Development of Animation

In this Whiteboard Animation I present the History of Animation, The Big Companies and their development of animation. The well-known companies mentioned are Disney™, Fleischer Studios™, MGM™ and Warner Bros™. Some of the ‘Golden Oldies’ of animation that I discuss are: Ub Iwerks, Grim Natwick, Ken Harris, Art Babbitt and The Animator’s Survival Kit.

This video is long – over 18 minutes. If you don’t want to see the whole thing, here are the main times for each section:

  • 00:38 Golden Oldies:
  • 00:55 Up Iwerks
  • 01:12 Grim Natwick
  • 02:05 Milt Kahl
  • 02:55 Ken Harris
  • 03:37 Art Babbitt
  • 04:28 Richard Williams
  • 05:15 Companies
  • 05:23 Disney™
  • 10:23 Fleischer Studios™
  • 13:32 MGM™
  • 15:40 Warner Bros™
  • 18:02 Conclusion (with the company logo – when the company was called CompoZanimA Limited)

Due to copyright issues I have made no copy of the different companies artwork all trademarks we acknowledge to be relative trademarks of their respective owners. Due to this reason I’m restricted graphically and needing to reduce everything to text and simple block images.

I hope you enjoy it!

Benedict Hickson, CZA Studios