Who is best to write the script for Whiteboard Animation – the client or the animator

You want to use Whiteboard Animation to communicate. You feel uneasy to create the script. You’re dealing with professionals. They know how to communicate using Whiteboard Animation. So surely, it’s logical for them to create the script. Isn’t it?

Provide information only?

My company has offered to create the script so long as we get as much information from the client. But I have learnt over time that the most important person in the creation of the script is the client. The person who knows what needs to be communicated is always the client. The person with the experience and the insight is the client. I have created scripts using information provided to me by the client. But I’ve always had to check with the client. Sometimes I’ve been provided with too much information. The solution? Ask the client to create a rough script. Then go ahead and tweak it, rephrase it, give it punch.

Work together?

The other solution that works well is when the client and animator can sit down and talk it through. This is ideal because it is creating the script organically. Especially if the client isn’t sure what to include, how to phrase it, how to sell it or organise it. It’s always helpful to have someone to bounce your ideas off. It helps to see what you’re communicating through someone else’s point of view. The Whiteboard Animation will quite possibly be for people who don’t know about what you need to communicate. So it’s quite ideal if the animator doesn’t know because he/she is seeing it through fresh eyes.


In conclusion you must choose whichever you feel most comfortable with. But make sure that you are the owner of the script – the one who has final say. Does the animator listen to you. Does the animator take it in and apply it and check if you’re happy as it is built? These are crucial elements in the creation of the Whiteboard Animation. It’s always got to be your baby. You are the authority who must always have final word.