2D Animation vs Whiteboard Animation – which is best for you to communicate

When I talk about 2D Animation and Whiteboard Animation I am referring to the context of putting an idea acrossadvertisement/information/education. My company has been taken on by consultants for example in which they needed to put an idea across to their colleagues or their client needed to communicate to their colleagues (B2B). For professors and presenters it is for educational purposes or for a presentation.

Main Factors

As my company does provide both, I’m often asked by my clients which is best – Whiteboard Animation or 2D Animation. The main factors affecting the decision are time, price and clarity. The typical 2D animation fills the whole screen. It normally includes a background and a foreground with a character animated with lifelike motion. By comparison Whiteboard Animation is sketched on a (normally) white background (with variations and animations often added in).

The complexity of 2D animation (many more possibilities to choose from too) make for more time and therefore a higher price. Whiteboard Animation is normally cheaper in comparison (very dependant on who you are employing to do it of course) because the format is simpler (less complications or choices to make) and it takes less time. For example I have done a whiteboard animation for a Top-Tier consultancy firm of 5 minutes in less than a month, and they were happy with the end result. This is more difficult to attain with 2D Animation.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider is what you need in your animation:

  • Do you need lifelike animation, interaction between different people, animals, vehicles?
  • Is it a script with many characters or is it a single voiceover?
  • Are you wanting to have a rich scene with background, animated characters or a simple, clear eye-catching, follow-the-drawing presentation


This post is more over-simplified than over-complicated to help you decide. My last question to assist you is:

Do you want a rich, lifelike interaction in 2D or a clear, simple, eye-catching presentation that you follow being drawn on a whiteboard?